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Movie Rants - Bokeh 2017

Bokeh a very boring movie shot in a very beautiful  place. Upon stumbling  upon thia movie i was instantly  attractted to it, the description  was captivating, the trailer  has beautiful footage. Boy was I disappointed.
This movie was a total waste of resources,
the girl is  a decent actress she was the main lead in "It follows"
the natural scenery was breathtaking
the footage was well made and well edited
but the actual story was aweful.
Did no one read the script ? I apreciatte  this new wave of minimalistic films, but this was just way to vage! Even the dialog was minimal and pretentious, no one in their mid 20's talks like that! Anyway  don't  watch this unless you feel like taking a 1.5 hour long nap. Thanks for making Iceland look boring as fuck.

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