i always forget my password

Yes! its true, i always forget my password to my dam blogger lol and therefore that's why ie never write on here, which in it's case results in me not having any followers!

So I'm going to change that around, I'm gonna start writing on here everyday twice a day if its necessary, till i get some followers, i know there's other ACEO and skeleton art fanatics out there so im not giving up!

so today was my day off from work, i hanged out w friends and we ended up at Jojo's house and we watched some holocaust movie, "schlingers list" or something of the sort, Jesus was that movie long! but luckily when i though i couldn't take it anymore the DVD asked to be turned to side "b" we where all like "fuck that" and we went left to go get coffee hahaha which we didnt end up getting, but that's OK because i had already had an iced machiatto earlier, even though it was like -20 degrees outside! stupid Chicago weather, but its ok you get used to it i guess, as a matter of fact it doesn't really bother me, what bother me more is how everyone else bitches about it ha!

so after that i ended up back home and i decided that i have been neglecting my Artbreak account so i posted a few works for sale and sent some friend requests and added to my favorites yada yada etc etc all that good stuff,
if your curious to know what the hell im talking about go check it out HERE.

so that's my schmeal for now, its 2 am and I have been wanting to start going to bed earlier so today is the day to start.
I will be back tomz.


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