Ebay outrageee

Im outraged w ebay rigth now! its ridiculous! my monthly bill came down to 5.80! what the hell!
and whats just topping it off is the fact that they wont show me the details of the "fees" after these 2 auctions that i have with them end im never selling on ebay again! or at least thats what i say for now... but yes! screw ebay! man im pissed! so heres a couple thing that piss me off! ive been saving it for a momment like this lol:
The Etsy chatroom is to full hamster! like a chatter said once "hes a rat from hell!"

When pandora The online Radio asks me if im still listening!

When people go to a place to apply and they dont bring along a pen to write with! COME ON!
You should be prepared!

When people "surf" through tv channels even though other people are watching tv too! GEEEZ! come one peole watching commercials wont kill you!

MAD TV REALITY SHOWS! maaaan this is one of the top anoyances, stupid stuff like bam and rock of love and school of such and such.

And thats about all I can think of for now :P

But thats about it for now


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