I havent been on here in a while!

Whats Up Blogspot buddys!
i havent blogged i na while, ive been bussy busy
Ive been working on a couple new pieces, a couple cool new bookmars for all of you readers out there! i already sold a couple to some of my coworkers, they loved them :)

I have also been working on posting a couple of other items onto my etsy shop.
I haven't sold anything so far this week, but hopefully the weekend will have a better outcome.

So yesterday i hung out w my friends Steph and Kristen. it was fun we hd chimichangas and martinis lol i also had sake for the first time, its not bad when its chilled, its got a juicy after taste unlike vodka.

So today i woke up with this song stuck in my head

i dont know why .....


21 said…
I woke up with Patsy Cline running through my head. "She's Got You," something kinda creepy about that song. LOL.
I'm going to have to get in on this ACEO thing. I live under a rock, so I hadn't heard of them until I joined blogger. :)
P.S. I like your swirly waves bookmark. :)

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