My First International Sale!

I have been thinking about blogging about this throughout the day,

Over the weekend i had my first international sale! it was an Aceo of the Eiffel tower!
its now on its way to Australia :)

Thank you Couturebynatalia!

I was on ebay today and i realized that i have finally earned my blue star!

It Only took me 3 years to earn it haha! To be honest i havent been too happy w ebay
lately, fees are just ridiculous and entry fee, and ending fee and then paypal fees (paypal is owned by ebay in case u didn't know) daaam screw that ill keep pushing the free services like artcardswanted or artbreak or if not way cheaper services like etsy! I love etsy, i have been spending alot of time on there lately and now that i think of it i just had my first month aniversary from joining etsy this sunday :) ive sold 7 items so far !

remember how i told u guys how i was working on my cardboard aceo series?? well i finished 5 of them and i took some pictures! i Will be posting them onto etsy soon :)
Maybe ill experiment and add a couple to my artbreak account to see if they sell, does anyone ever sell anything on artbreak?? im starting to have my doubts lol.

Soon for sale in my Etsy Shop !

So Heres the recap of my day:
Woke up
made coffe
checked my email
chatted on etsy
cleaned my desk
went to the post office to deliver the super cool jewelry box i sold recently
I was feeling crafty so i decorated the box!

Then i went to work came back home and here i am TADAAAAA!


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