Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ramdom Thursday Blog! Read me!

oh yes very random!

So here i am again its a thursday and i have the day off work! and im sitting here trying to make something productful out of the day haha,
so i started by making a new banner for my etsy shop,

These 2 where my final 2 i ended up chosing the white one :)

Earlier today my parents and i went to ihop mmmm i love Ihop, its almost 7;30 and im still full from it haha I had their new tuscan chicken sandwich w pesto it was delicious.

i also shipped one of the aceos i sold on ebay yesterday
i though it w sell for more, but its ok im done sellling on ebay after this the auction for my watercolor "scrapper" ends tomorrow im never selling on there again... EVER! I do have a couple of thing on my watch list thoough, a couple ACEO and a scanner and a drawing tablet, so ill keep buying lol

So im looking through my camera and i found these pics of my aquarium

yes the plants are real! ive had it set up for about 3 years now i try and clean it about once a week but i usualy clean it every 2 :)
maybe a few more fish w b cool ive been glanzing at some cool electric blue giant danios
that w add some more life to it

ooh yeah i almost forgot ! i also bougth some really neat futurama envelopes on etsy today

i couldnt resist! they where a great deal!
Theres still some more in the sellers store BADBABYQUILTS Go check em out!

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