Recap of the weekend!

Yes its monday and time to give a recap of the weekend :)
this saturday i ended up at one of my coworkers parties, shes moving away to the middle of nowhere :( well miss u andrea! but the party ended up a succes, it was her first time hosting a party and i think she did great, she had lots of snacks and most importantly lots of booze! she had me try some hungarian apricot brandy it was
delicious! at the beggining of the party i was feeling a little akward becouse I only knew very few people and everyone was speaking hungarian lol but, we soon realized that they where mostly her roomates friends and they didnt know our crowd either :), so it ended up a big drunken blast, the cops showed up becouse of neighbor complains SURPRISE SURPRISE! lol but she handled it very well and turned down the music :) and the partay continued :) we stayed for a little longer then migrated the party to a local bar where everyone and there mother seemed to be , it was a very fun nigth i think i got home arround 4;30 am ish, sunday I wrapped up and shipped the items i sold on my etsy shop!
yes i sold 3 more pieces!
Thank u my dear shoppers !

So thats my little recap of the weekend, next sat is my birthday and im kinda planning a party w my friend denise ( its her bday too). so now my party is gonna have to be as good as Andreas! lol hopefully the cops won't show up lol

oh yes before i forget, im currently making a couple new ACEO's im making them on recycled cardboard. Ill post them onto my etsy
i introduced my wood crafts section to my Etsy shop over the weekend too! i almost forgot!

there all very beautiful and perfect for gifting "hint hint hint" :)


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