Happy St. Pattys Day!

Happy St.Pattys day!

I dont know if the world celebrates St PAtricks Day, but here in Chicago Everyone is irish in St. Pattys day lol im excited, I have 2 plans in march for hitting the bars after work :)
Ill be good I promise maybe this year ill try some green beer.
I migth Be hitting Beumont so if ur gonna be there
hit me up!

Today was my day off and it was nuts. I did end up doing everything I needed to do... actually not really I didnt post any new items to My Etsy shop or worked on any new pieces... but i did finally figure out how to blog from my phone and add images straight though messaging using
Twicpic . You guys are in for a treat! im a Cell Phone Pic Maniac! my last phone had 0ver 1300 pics hehehe and w the quality and ease of my new phone u guys w be seeing alot more for example:
A Shout to all my Twittert buddys!

So I Began My manic monday cleaning up my desk oh boy was that a mission....

Then i had a mini photoshoot for my new items that i want to add to my etsy shop

While I was cleaning i found a bunch of neat things so i decided that im gonna start a weekly give away! Any suggestions on how i should do it? a raffle perhaps? i have to think about it!
heres one of the items:
A giant doodle inspired by John Burgerman! So stay tunned my friends! Stay tunned


Nice phone! I use twitpic, but I always forget to take pics whenever I am out. My desk is a bit messier than yours and I really need to get at it, haha. Your new items look great!!!
Hello friend : )

I wanted to let you know about my new travel and adventure blog:

Be Well & Happy Art!

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