Social Sushi!

So this past thursday I tried to go out and be social on my day of instead of sitting arround at home in the etsy chatroom! it turned out pretty well! i hanged out w my friend denise, she had the afternoon free too.
we started by going through the mcdonalds drive thru where they gave me this funny wrapper.

Then we went to petco, i got some fish food, I love going there its like going to the zoo! i think im gonna get some new fish soon, a new bigger tank woulndt be bad :)

After that we where hungry and for our luck Sushi station was rigth across the parking lot! i had never been there but i had heard good things about it from my friend Maryanne. its a revolving sushi bar, where you sit and you grab what you want! it is sooo cool!

You keep the plates next to you and at the end they taly them up and give you your check, they are priced according to the color of the plate.

I had some cold sake too :)

Then we topped of the nigth with cockatails and the entire season one of Burn Notice, man I love that show!

In Other terms i was browsing the web and I found this mug! Its hilarious!

Im also getting my new phone on monday :)
I 'll make sure its gota web browser So i can feed my online addiction :)


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