My personal tips for making your Twitter grow!

Hey whats up everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great week.
A lot of you have been convo-ing me on twitter asking me for tips on how to make your twitter grow and getting more exposure!

So here are a few tips I personally use to make my twitter experience more fun!
I hope there helpful to you!

In twitter you have to take the first step to make your network grow!
Don't slave away adding dozens of peeps manually! use an automated system!
The program I use to randomly follow people is HERE
here's my trick:
start by adding a lot of people give it a day or two to have them follow u back.
then "flush" which means unfollow people that dont follow u back.
Then repeat the process over and over

There are some twitter robots that will automatically repeat ur tweets if it has one of there codes words
like the "love/hate" robot or the " I feel" robot"
try and include these words in ur tweets so they get retweeted and you get more exposure!
some words ive noticed get retweeted often are:

twitter has alot of tools some of the most common ones are hashtags (#)
A hash tag helps automated pages pick up ur tweet and repost it in an automated way.
some examples are:
#followfriday which is a way of promoting interesting twitter people ( it goes on only on friday obviously)
#chicago Which will pick up any tweet that contains the word "chicago" and it will repost it.

Now lets talk about the appearance of the twitter page.
it is very important you wantto make it as interesting or personable as you can i would recommend you upload an image that takes up the entire screen like a wallpaper size and not an anoying repeating image that makes the page look takky and distracts the viewers. heres an example of a page that takes up the entire screen LINK
its gonna bea pain to find the size but ur gonna have to play arround with it until you find the perfect size.

About ur tweets:
yes the main purpose of YOUR twitter is to promote yourself or ur products but also try and make it seem more like a person is behind it, post stuff like " good morning twitter" i dunno, something people can relate too and start of a conversation!

Also try and post "informational" stuff i dunno why but people on twitter love to hear news. funny stuff works too
if you dont feel like typing much just copy a link and post it like for example:

this is crazy

By the way i shrunk the url from youtube using a service called "tinyurl" which shrinks the so you can use up more of the 140 twitter characters. heres the LINK
another similar one is 140 it which allows you to directly allow a button straigth into your browser.
heres the link for that

Thats all i can think of for now !
I hope you enjoy my twitter secrets!
And feel free to contact me on twitter anytime at MY TWITTER


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