Friday, February 27, 2009

I havent been on here in a while!

Whats Up Blogspot buddys!
i havent blogged i na while, ive been bussy busy
Ive been working on a couple new pieces, a couple cool new bookmars for all of you readers out there! i already sold a couple to some of my coworkers, they loved them :)

I have also been working on posting a couple of other items onto my etsy shop.
I haven't sold anything so far this week, but hopefully the weekend will have a better outcome.

So yesterday i hung out w my friends Steph and Kristen. it was fun we hd chimichangas and martinis lol i also had sake for the first time, its not bad when its chilled, its got a juicy after taste unlike vodka.

So today i woke up with this song stuck in my head

i dont know why .....

Friday, February 20, 2009

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ramdom Thursday Blog! Read me!

oh yes very random!

So here i am again its a thursday and i have the day off work! and im sitting here trying to make something productful out of the day haha,
so i started by making a new banner for my etsy shop,

These 2 where my final 2 i ended up chosing the white one :)

Earlier today my parents and i went to ihop mmmm i love Ihop, its almost 7;30 and im still full from it haha I had their new tuscan chicken sandwich w pesto it was delicious.

i also shipped one of the aceos i sold on ebay yesterday
i though it w sell for more, but its ok im done sellling on ebay after this the auction for my watercolor "scrapper" ends tomorrow im never selling on there again... EVER! I do have a couple of thing on my watch list thoough, a couple ACEO and a scanner and a drawing tablet, so ill keep buying lol

So im looking through my camera and i found these pics of my aquarium

yes the plants are real! ive had it set up for about 3 years now i try and clean it about once a week but i usualy clean it every 2 :)
maybe a few more fish w b cool ive been glanzing at some cool electric blue giant danios
that w add some more life to it

ooh yeah i almost forgot ! i also bougth some really neat futurama envelopes on etsy today

i couldnt resist! they where a great deal!
Theres still some more in the sellers store BADBABYQUILTS Go check em out!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ebay outrageee

Im outraged w ebay rigth now! its ridiculous! my monthly bill came down to 5.80! what the hell!
and whats just topping it off is the fact that they wont show me the details of the "fees" after these 2 auctions that i have with them end im never selling on ebay again! or at least thats what i say for now... but yes! screw ebay! man im pissed! so heres a couple thing that piss me off! ive been saving it for a momment like this lol:
The Etsy chatroom is to full hamster! like a chatter said once "hes a rat from hell!"

When pandora The online Radio asks me if im still listening!

When people go to a place to apply and they dont bring along a pen to write with! COME ON!
You should be prepared!

When people "surf" through tv channels even though other people are watching tv too! GEEEZ! come one peole watching commercials wont kill you!

MAD TV REALITY SHOWS! maaaan this is one of the top anoyances, stupid stuff like bam and rock of love and school of such and such.

And thats about all I can think of for now :P

But thats about it for now

Friday, February 13, 2009

So today is my Bday!

yes its my bday! 22 !!!1 and im sick! very sick ive been sick for the past 2 days, hope fully by the time i wake up i will feel much much better :)
Nothing iss gonna stop me from having my super duper bday bash! nothing! i migth not be blo to drink but who cares ill make up for it next week :)oh yeah i got this nifty image from an email that global test market sent me! i can feeel the love a;ready lol
aigth its bedtime i gotta be up by 8 am and its already 1:27 am

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First International Sale!

I have been thinking about blogging about this throughout the day,

Over the weekend i had my first international sale! it was an Aceo of the Eiffel tower!
its now on its way to Australia :)

Thank you Couturebynatalia!

I was on ebay today and i realized that i have finally earned my blue star!

It Only took me 3 years to earn it haha! To be honest i havent been too happy w ebay
lately, fees are just ridiculous and entry fee, and ending fee and then paypal fees (paypal is owned by ebay in case u didn't know) daaam screw that ill keep pushing the free services like artcardswanted or artbreak or if not way cheaper services like etsy! I love etsy, i have been spending alot of time on there lately and now that i think of it i just had my first month aniversary from joining etsy this sunday :) ive sold 7 items so far !

remember how i told u guys how i was working on my cardboard aceo series?? well i finished 5 of them and i took some pictures! i Will be posting them onto etsy soon :)
Maybe ill experiment and add a couple to my artbreak account to see if they sell, does anyone ever sell anything on artbreak?? im starting to have my doubts lol.

Soon for sale in my Etsy Shop !

So Heres the recap of my day:
Woke up
made coffe
checked my email
chatted on etsy
cleaned my desk
went to the post office to deliver the super cool jewelry box i sold recently
I was feeling crafty so i decorated the box!

Then i went to work came back home and here i am TADAAAAA!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Recap of the weekend!

Yes its monday and time to give a recap of the weekend :)
this saturday i ended up at one of my coworkers parties, shes moving away to the middle of nowhere :( well miss u andrea! but the party ended up a succes, it was her first time hosting a party and i think she did great, she had lots of snacks and most importantly lots of booze! she had me try some hungarian apricot brandy it was
delicious! at the beggining of the party i was feeling a little akward becouse I only knew very few people and everyone was speaking hungarian lol but, we soon realized that they where mostly her roomates friends and they didnt know our crowd either :), so it ended up a big drunken blast, the cops showed up becouse of neighbor complains SURPRISE SURPRISE! lol but she handled it very well and turned down the music :) and the partay continued :) we stayed for a little longer then migrated the party to a local bar where everyone and there mother seemed to be , it was a very fun nigth i think i got home arround 4;30 am ish, sunday I wrapped up and shipped the items i sold on my etsy shop!
yes i sold 3 more pieces!
Thank u my dear shoppers !

So thats my little recap of the weekend, next sat is my birthday and im kinda planning a party w my friend denise ( its her bday too). so now my party is gonna have to be as good as Andreas! lol hopefully the cops won't show up lol

oh yes before i forget, im currently making a couple new ACEO's im making them on recycled cardboard. Ill post them onto my etsy
i introduced my wood crafts section to my Etsy shop over the weekend too! i almost forgot!

there all very beautiful and perfect for gifting "hint hint hint" :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Weekend!

This past weekend was great!
My cousin had her baby! hes so cute and tiny
Sales wise it was a very good weekend too,

I sold 4 of my ACEO'S!
2 on my eBay shop and 2 on my Etsy shop!

Thank Your my dear shoppers, your support is very appreciated, a lot of though, time and love went into the making, publishing and shipping of your little masterpieces so I hope you enjoy them