Feeding my Fish !

I just fed the the fish in my 30 gallon tank! man do they eat! I have had this tank for almost 4 years now, its a fresh water tropical community tank :) all the fish get along very well... well most of the time :).
The big pink one is "Pinky" he/she is a Pink Kissing Gouramis The sharks are fresh water Bala Sharks and in the back some Rasbora swim peacefully in a group of 5 :)
All the plants are natural too!


Michael said…
So awesome. I used to have Bala sharks when I had a tank.
Maria Sondule said…
I love your blog! We have fish too, but this one outshines them all (sorry dear fishies...). We had a gourami once but we thought that he was eating the tetras so we had to get rid of him.
Blakenetizen said…
Bala Sharks are very "fidgety" creatures and awfully good jumpers, I have had to pick up both of them from the floor a couple times, but they seem to be ok :)

Recently I bougth 18 feeder fishes I planned as keeping them as tank mates but only 3 remain:(
I'm not sure who ate them, Pinky or the sharks....

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