Up all night painting !

I have literally been up all night painting some cool new ACEO I shall poste them for sale very soon :) why not just paint in the morning u migth ask urself? well lately Ive been procrastinating way too much so I have to take advantage of my inspired moment hehe

I took advantage that im up and about so early (which believe me, doesn't happen very often heheh) to get some Mc Breakfast! I always miss there dam menu! it was delicious!

The picture is of the mess I made in my desk!


gmikediaz said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael said…
A night full of creating is always fun!!!
Hayley said…
Wow, that's a cool blog you have here :)
Blakenetizen said…
It sure is MIke :)
Thanks for stopping by Hayley :)
Dean Grey said…

I do most of my artwork late at night too!

At least your workspace looks more organized than mine!

*laughing* Yep, that looks familiar. Great to see a little window into your creative world. Thanks!
Blakenetizen said…
Dean & Gwen I'm glad u like my mess lol

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