I Want the Expedia Gnome!

Dont ask me why... I just do! I want it to adorn my soon to come backyar garden heheh!
I have big plans for the garden including a bird bath, a water fountain and maybe even a little pond :)
I know its hideous but isn't that the point of gnomes? to protect the garden.
What Should I call him? maybe Ted


Rachael Thomas said…
I LOVE gnomes! I'm thinking about doing a gnome painting! My garden is going to be occupied by a lot of gnomes. I don't think it's hideous.
lifeshighway said…
They are not hideous but they are tricksy and are knowned for luring deer in to eat your landscape. If you do create this wonderland be sure and take a very picture to share.
Blakenetizen said…
Rachael: I cant wait to see the gnome painting! Will there be mushrooms in it too?

Ill take take pics for sure!
Ill get to work as soon as the temperature goes up and the snow melts :) I hope the deer don't eat it :p
mooshoo said…
well good luck finding this gnome.. and if you do, he looks like a herman or an edwardo to me :)
Blakenetizen said…
Herman Sounds Good Moosho! :) Ebay here I Come!
Giani said…
I remember the gnome from before expedia. I am sure expedia got inspired for that ad campaign after watching Amelie. It is a fun and beautiful movie, and the gnome plays a big part in the whimsy. Expedia's ads turned up after that movie.

As I recall, most gnomes already have a name, but hey, who says you can't change a name?
Blakenetizen said…
I Love the ads lol
Ill look up the Movie Amelie :)
Dean Grey said…
Be careful what you wish for!

henzy said…
haha.. a gnome.. not a big fan..but the expdiea one has definitely started to grow on me..
when u do create this gnome wonderland post some pics..
Brian said…
It's not the Expedia Gnome, it's the Travelocity Gnome. Have you ever seen a Gnome on Expedia? You'll see him all over Travelocity.

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