Weekend Recap

Its Monday Again! after a semi busy weekend at work its finally my day off.
I have big plans for today. Ill go get some steak! mmm steak! I also plan on going thrifting, maybe a new Vintage Shop will to be born from the treasures I find, any suggestions for the name? ill be sure to bring cash along because some of these places don't take credit cards.

I did some painting over the weekend and It resulted in the following pieces:

This Macabre Easter Inspired Skeleton ACEO that turned out Great that is now for sale at my Etsy Shop The backwash is made in watercolors and the rest is finished in acrylics. It looks so much better and brighter in person :)

I also finished another cool Skeleton "Zorro" inspired ACEO that I started a long time ago but had been procrastinating to finish.

Avaiable for sale at my Artcardswanted Gallery :)
I also finished a little surprise that I cooked up for my friend Bruce but I wont spoil it :) ill blog it next time

What else did I do this weekend? well yesterday we went out to breakfast with my family.

This is a pic of me with my Baby Nephew :)
So after after much painting, blog reading, Etsy chatting and tv watching here I am!


I was signing into my blog and saw you latest up and seeing that rabbit made me laugh. So nice job there! Do you use Photoshop for your images? If you save for Web and Devices, it will show you what your image will look like when uploaded. Usually the color is less saturated so I just bump up the saturation, save for Web and Devices and then the color is MUCH better.
I meant to say "I was signing into my blog and saw your latest update...". Gah! lol!
Giani said…
Awww, you look so cute with the baby.
Dean Grey said…

Your latest ACEO's remind me so much of Mexican art, specifically the Day of the Dead celebration.

I love that!

Your nephew is a cutie too! It must run in the family.

Blakenetizen said…
Lol Thanks guys :)
I do use Photoshop but I had never heard of that option ill defenitely give it a try :)

Thanks :)

Thanks ! and yes a lot of my skeleton pieces are inspired by the "Dia De Los Muertos" I guess I'm a folk spirit :)
Blakenetizen said…
I am happy to inform you guys that both of these ACEO SOLD! over the weekend :D
Dean Grey said…
Congrats on the sale, Sergio!

Blakenetizen said…
Thank You Dean!
How is Ebay going for you?
I ran away from it a long time ago lol

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