Sorry that I haven't updated in a while but its just that I have been so busy lately!
for example lately I have been spending a lot of time (and cash) on Gardening!

I have hit all kinds of stores and I have gotten plowers, soil,mulch, shade trees, shade bushes, seeds,fertilizer,pots and I have some cactus and poppy seeds that I bough online on the way too haha!

Gardening is so complex!! Time goes by so fast when I'm Planting :)


Licia said…
I love sedum! Your little pot is adorable :) I would totally name them all... is that crazy? :)
Blakenetizen said…
Thanks! I didn't know one was a sedum, all I knew was that one of them was a succulent lol!

Giving them names sounds like a good idea :) I call dibs on the round spiky guy, his name is " Lucky"

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