Painting & Week Recap!

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, the weather has been great.
Last thursday i sat down and started this painting. Im trying to venture more into the abstract field, it seems to be on the rise :)so far this painting reminds me of "sherbert ice cream" lol I shall keep u updated to see in which shop it ends.

recently I read a blog post by Talk2TheTrees in which she tough us how to make a Bonsai from a Juniper bush, here's one of my intents :p

Now I need to get a nice bonsai pot, maybe one from my Etsy Chat Buddy BigSkyArtworks check out her SHOP


I just love Bonsai Blakenetizen! Those pots are lovely too and well, heck, I am too am in the process of birthing an new painting, abstract I think. We'll see! Mine happens to be in oranges, yours in blues, the complements - how neat! lol! I will post a pic when she is done.
Michael said…
Awesome painting and good job with with juniper!
Blakenetizen said…
Thanks Gwen! I cant wait to see your painting too,

Thanks ill let u know when its done!
Dean Grey said…

This painting reminds me of a cross between an abstract rainbow/slash landscape!

Good luck with the bonsai tree! I had two but because I didn't water them as often as I should (everyday) they both dried out and died on me!


Blakenetizen said…
Im sorry to inform you guys that the bonsai's had the same faith as Deans, they dried out lol

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