Wok Time!

Last week I hit IKEA! I love going to the Swedish home store Mecha hehehe!
Every time I go I usually spend Hours in there but this last visit was pretty speedy, I was on a mission to get some plants to my always expanding garden.
I ended up getting 6 little palm trees for a 1.50 each, i also got 2 really neat " lucky bean trees" I will be posting up picks soon.

The thing that made my day was running into the kitchen section and finding a "Wok Cookbook" on sale! I had been eying is for some! So on my free time i have been reading it, there are So Many possibilities! frying, stir frying, steaming braising! its insane! the whole philosophy behind it is to make fast simple and nutritious meals, the cooking times are kept short so that the ingredients maintain their nutrients. Im not much of a cook, but I am really looking forward to try out some of the recipes!


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