Farewell Summer

is it just me or does any one else get the feeling that this year is going by extra fast, its already September!

This summer has treated me very well and to celebrate a couple of friends and I decided to trow a "Goodbye Summer/ Fuck Fall BBQ" lol it turned out Great!
There was a lot to get done for the party and we managed to pull it all together in one weekend. The invites were done through Facebook, I invited about 50 people at the end 25 were able to make it in such short notice.

Everyone had a great time! To drink we had home made Sangria and Mojitos and lots of other goodies that our guests brought like sake, beer, and handles of liquor :)
To eat we had hot dogs, grilled chicken and grilled salmon mmmmm.

Unfortunately the party was cut short because the police showed up lol, apparently we had our music too loud and it was a Monday night. I learned my lesson and next time ill trow the party on a weekend and ill start it earlier

Anyway I want to thank all the people that showed up! See you again next year!
Here are some of the pics we took:

That's me! wearing the blue shirt in the middle :)


Looks like you have a blast and it's been forever since I had Sangria! LOL!I
Michael said…
Looks like a fun time!!!

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