So Halloween is Over

Don't you just hate the feeling that comes after every holiday is over?
all the anticipation, decorating and preparing that lead to it and then... Baam!
Its just over! Gone, not to be seen until next year
Farewell Halloween, now its time to get ready f Thanksgiving and Christmas :)
This carved pumpkin was made by my lovely friend Mimi, it turned out Great!
She Won the Pumpkin Carving Contest!

In Other subjects, I recently injected new life to my old etsy shop, I made some new pieces of art using watercolors and acrylics on pages from a vintage Cop book, they turned out very neat

This one is called "Time to Retire Officer Brady"

This one is called Alarm Clock

This one is called "Trouble at the Chatham Towers"

These are all for Sale at my LinearsDesignBoutique Shop

I Hope you all had a Fun Safe Halloween!


NeverTooOld said…
Very kuel and wonderful works!! I need to make the rounds more often and yes I agree to the passing of a holiday, but another awaits us around the bend!! Hava super weekend and I enjoyed reading and viewing.

All The Best!!
Michael said…
Awesome new pieces and that pumpkin is sooo cool!!!
edith said…
Yup, totally agree. I hate that feeling too. Off now to prepare for Thanksgiving and starting to get Christmas gifts. :)
Blakenetizen said…
Looks like its time to start planning the turkey feast right guys lol

NeverTooOld Thanks f stopping by!

yes it was! u should of seen it with the tea light lit inside

Ur right! Yes time flies! I wonder what ill ask Santa for this year lol

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