Back to Basics

I know I have said this before but once again I'm gonna go back to what got me started into Art in the first place ACEO collectible Art cards! I have been neglecting them lately and its time to give them back the respect they deserve, so you will be seeing a lot more new pieces from me soon.

on another note, I was in the etsy chat the other night and my friend "vintagehillbillies" gave me instructions on how to make a treasury. I have always wanted to make one so i'll definitely give it a shot. Any suggestions for it?

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NeverTooOld said…
Hey hey, I dig your back to basics approach as sometimes we just need the refresher. I wish I could give you advise on treasuries, but I just made my first as of recent, so i'm in no position, lol. Hope you've a good week and hope to chat again soon!

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