A Day in Chicago ChinaTown- Ups I forgot it was Lent

Today I spent an awesome day in Chinatown.
I had never had a chance to explore it like I did today
it all started with taking the Metra down to Union Station,

Off we headed to Chinatown!
Once there we were hungry so we headed to Joy Yee's noodle were i got the the lemongrass pork chops w a glass of warm fruit tea mmmmm Delicious! but I completely forgot that it was lent!... no wonder the lady besides me was giving me awkward looks like I killed her cat!

anyways afterwards we wandered around to some of the shops, I bought a small lucky bamboo, a tea diffuser pot, some "Mango Tea"(it tastes nothing like mango lol) and a cool kimono style shirt that was on sale :)

Afterward the fruit tea started to make effect... i forgot tea is a diuretic so we got the task of finding a bathroom, we couldnt find one anywere! we ended up in Saint's Alp teahouse, and since we were there we decided to have some tea. I got the peach tea and it was AMAZING!

The place was very colorful!

I got a cappuccino too!

afterward we wandered of into some more stores like the Pacific Furniture Inc! full of So many cool things! at Great prices!

And the HoyPoloi Art Gallery!

we also wandered into a grocery store that had fish tanks with LIVE Fish, lobsters and dungenes crabs! yes! cant get more fresh than that.... talk about the smell, needless to say we didn't spend much time in there :)

afterward it was starting to get hungry and it was getting dark and cold out so we searched for a dinner spot, so many choices! we ended up going back to the tea House and there we had some more peach tea sweet n sour soup and some Taiwanese h'orderves, that included shrimp balls, chicken wings and tea eggs :) check out more of there menu

After that it was time to head back to Union Station to catch the 8:30 train back home. I made it on time with plenty of time to spare.
I had a great day, I cant wait till the weather gets nicer here in the Chi so that i can go back and explore more of the cool restaurants and shops Chinatown has!


NeverTooOld said…
Wonderful post and day! Gosh I gotta get out more!! Thanks for sharing and wonderful pics as well!
maggie's garden said…
Glad you enjoyed yourself...and was curious if the art gallery was inspirational for your creativity? Interesting trips always inspire me...think it's time for one...or two...
How did you do with your Etsy treasury building? I've tried to make one but not sure if it has gone well or if it even is done right. Sometimes Etsy can be a real challenge...I wish they would make it easier for people of every level of computer savy to be able to navigate it.
Thanks for stopping in over at maggie's garden. Take care.
Tori said…
sounds like a fun day..bummer the pictures weren't a little bigger, they're very nice, show them off! glad i found this on bloglovin, will follow!

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