Tutorial- Turn an Empty Pretzel container into a Solar Powered Garden Lantern

Hey Everyone,
today I was feeling a bit crafty so I put myself to work and came up with this cool lantern, its perfect to put on your apartment balcony or your porch !

it takes only 6 easy steps and a few items than can easily be found around the house.

empty plastic container
old solar powered garden light
acrylic paint
a tea light

Step 1
Get a hold of a big clear plastic container with a lid. I had this pretzel jar handy.

Take out all the pretzels and carefully remove the label using a small blade or razor.
wash off any glue residue using soap and water.

Step 2
Dry the container using paper towels and give it a few coats of acrylic paint, i used a nice shade of turquoise, but also a ligth baby blue or yellow would look awesome.

Step 3
Allow the background color to dry then add on a simple design using a darker color. I used dark brown and added some naked branches using a small brush.

Step 4
Grab the scissors and light the tea light. Use the tea light to heat up the tip of the scissors and puncture a small hole on the lid of the container, make sure the hole is big enough to fit the LED.

Step 5
Put some rocks or sand in the bottom of the jar, this will help it stay sturdy on windy days.
place the solar powered light on top of the lid and place your lantern in a nice sunny spot during the day so that the battery can charge

Step 6
Wait for the night to arrive and enjoy your lantern !

I hope all of your lanterns come out great! feel free to message me to show me your creations!


NeverTooOld said…
What a fantastic idea and beautiful garden lantern. You've given me a great project for the granddot! Thanks alot for sharing and is a fantastic and simple project! See ya round the chatsy neighborhood!!
maggie's garden said…
Great idea for the garden lantern...like what you did here.
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