Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Gingerbread Zombie Ornament Tutorial

Hey Everyone! Who's ready to make some handmade funky Christmas ornaments? I had some pieces of cardboard laying around so I put them to good use For this project you are going to need the following materials: recycled cardboard, scissors, pen, & ornament hooks
Start by Drawing your Ginger bread Men on the cardboard
Next cut it!
Use a small nail or screwdriver to punch a hole on the top, this is where the hook will go in.
Now its time to Decorate them! you can make them into anything I made Smiling ones, Zombies and Gingerbread Hookers lol
If you make a ton of them you can make a small tree using cardboard circles to display them in :)
I Hope you Enjoyed this tutorial! If you dont feel like doing the work I might be selling these at my Etsy Shop Have fun with it Happy Holidays!


Nico Morley said...


Blakenetizen said...

Thanks Nico :D I specially like the gingerbread prostitutes :P

Artisanistas said...

Very cool ornaments and I LMAO at your reply to Nico "esp the prostitutes" cracked me up! Hava Merry Little Christmas Bud!!!