Vintage Dino Trouble

So today a set of my vintage rubber dinosaurs sold over at my Etsy shop! Yipee!
The bad news is that later that day while I was still at work the SAME set sold at my Yardsellr store,
I didn't get a chance to remove it from my other shop!

 I usually list the same items in multiple shops to get more exposure, but i guess that isn't going to work anymore, i'm gonna have to dedicate each shop its own inventory or something,

So I had to refund the yardsellr customer, I listed a similar set exclusively at my yardsellr at the same price in case she comes back :) which I hope she does,


F. Z. Harper said…
What are the odds? That's one of the bugaboos with online selling.
Blakenetizen said…
yup! its never happened before and Ive been doing it for years
NeverTooOld said…
Ugh! So sorry buddy! I run simultaneously on Ebay and Etsy and hope it never happens, lol. Wanted to thank you for entering the giveaway at Artisanistas! All The Best!
NeverTooOld said…
Just stoppin' by to say howdy and hopin' you're enjoyin' an awesome summer!! All The Best!

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