Blakenetizen's DIY Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays, this year doe to my lack of budget I decided to make it a DIY Halloween, its a last minute thing but I am going to decorate my apartment building with all handmade decorations on the big day!

 Here are a few ideas:

Collect materials from all over the house, even the garden

You can make spooky zombie Halloween Dolls, just add a little acrylic paint to some neglected or broken dolls!

Empty Milk jugs and glass jars are perfect to make luminaries, just tape on a spooky image and add a tea light, you can add some sand, stones or gravel to keep the tea light in place

You can make "bloodshot eye" window decals out of recycled paper,or a spooky wreath for your door out of dry garden materials

 Make a graveyard out of cardboard tombstones!

Cut the tombstones out of a large box and add a little spray paint and detail them w a sharpie or black crayon!

Make bones for your graveyard!

Make the bones out of wrapped up bubble wrap, white tissue paper and tape.

Make Fun Bats out of cardboard and paint! make sure to punch a hole on top so you can add string to hang them.

I hope These ideas help inspire you, Have a Fun Safe Halloween Everyone! 


Nico Morley said…
Severed-limb foot-chewing baby is pretty much the best.

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