Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vintage Dino Trouble

So today a set of my vintage rubber dinosaurs sold over at my Etsy shop! Yipee!
The bad news is that later that day while I was still at work the SAME set sold at my Yardsellr store,
I didn't get a chance to remove it from my other shop!

 I usually list the same items in multiple shops to get more exposure, but i guess that isn't going to work anymore, i'm gonna have to dedicate each shop its own inventory or something,

So I had to refund the yardsellr customer, I listed a similar set exclusively at my yardsellr at the same price in case she comes back :) which I hope she does,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bought a New Vintage Percolator Today

We visited one of our local thrift shops today and we ran into this awesome Vintage percolator, we got it for a Great price!I Love it, its HUGE it fits 30 cups! We plan on using it this Sunday to warm up water for our Pancake Party :)

This brings our collection up to 4 Vintage Percolators! 3 electric  and 1 stove top.