Monday, April 17, 2017

Movie Rants - Bokeh 2017

Bokeh a very boring movie shot in a very beautiful  place.
Upon stumbling  upon thia movie i was instantly  attractted to it, the description  was captivating, the trailer  has beautiful footage.
Boy was I disappointed.
This movie was a total waste of resources,
the girl is  a decent actress she was the main lead in "It follows"
the natural scenery was breathtaking
the footage was well made and well edited
but the actual story was aweful.
Did no one read the script ?
I apreciatte  this new wave of minimalistic films, but this was just way to vage! Even the dialog was minimal and pretentious, no one in their mid 20's talks like that!
Anyway  don't  watch this unless you feel like taking a 1.5 hour long nap.
Thanks for making Iceland look boring as fuck.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Light Between Oceans 2016 - A Serene Love Story

A different type of love story that evolves around a quiet  man that takes on a job as a lighthouse keeper alone in a remote island.

Beautiful ocean side scenery and  great acting make this very enjoyable to watch, the whole movie has a peaceful solitary feel to it, calmly escalating to an emotional climax.

A delicate romantic film, perfect for date night.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Das Leben Der Anderen - The Lives of Others 2006

A Beautiful Film about human kindness that takes place in the heart of communist Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The story revolves arround a man that works directly for the government speciallizing in espionage  & interrogation.
He is given  an assignment  in which he is instructed to wire and monitor the home of a famous play writer & his girlfriend who happends to be the main star or his current play.
All is going to plan until he finds himself being  a bit too submmersed into their personal  life, down to the point where he starts to feel their personal pain & comprehends  their actions, triggered  by his own physical  & emotional solitude.
These new found emotions stand a treason to the communist party, putting his judgement and carreer in jeopardy.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Elle 2016 - A Seriously Messed Up French Movie!


Now this is what I call a SERIOUSLY twisted film, and in not being modest when I say it, this is hardcore stuff like there's a scene where shes getting rapped in front of her cat in her kitchen floor kinda twisted.

The Movie is centered around the life of a woman named Michèle,

 Michèle is a strong independent single woman at the peak of her her career, she co owns a successful video game production company with her best friend.

 One day as she returns home in the middle of the day  she is viciously beaten and rapped by a masked intruder. 

Michèle being the strong woman that she is, doesn't allow this traumatic event to define her.
She goes back to her daily routine even going as far as announcing the event to her friends in the middle of a casual dinner.

I wont spoil the story, but I can reassure you that it is very twisted, giving us a peek at how complex human needs & personal desires can get.


A deliciously crafted foreign delight, you won't be disappointed!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Bates Motel - A Must See Show on A&E

I watched the pilot episode of this show by mistake thinking in was a Movie, and I was pleasantly surprised. 
Here goes a brief description  that  won't give you  any spoilers:
Norman, a kind well mannered soft spoken teenager & his Mother Norma, a beautiful fisty blond have just moved to the quiet town of white pine bay to start of a new  life.
They have purchased  a little motel with the life insurance money they received  from the passing of Normans father, they're  putting all their money hopes  and dreams into the new hotel.
Norman and Norma are the epicenter  of each others universe, their devotion  to each other  can be a little obsessive  at times, they constantly  have fits of jelousy & rage, needless to say they can get a little too close to comfort at times.
Surprisingly  they're  obsessive relationship  is not the problem  here, the real problem is that there is something  wrong  with  Norman.
Norman gets these weird black outs,and whenever  these happen lets just say things get interesting.
Great acting and imaginative  writing  make this show adiccting to watch, there's never a dull moment and it gets better season after season.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Prophet 2009 - Un Prophete THE BEST MOVIE EVER

 Holy Shit! My eyes have been opened, I have been shown the light, I have been living with mediocre film standards.
THIS is what real cinema is and should be,inspiring, complex, entertaining
  Hands Down the Best Movie I have ever seen.

It all starts out simple, a young man is being booked into prison to serve a sentence of 6 years for beating up a cop,the story slowly evolves into a tale of murder, espionage, betrayal & personal growth.

A Violent Masterpiece

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Before I Wake 2016 - When Dreams Come To Life

Recently a friend  asked  me to recommend  her a heartwarming Movie and this was the first to come to mind.
This is pretty much a story of a little boy whos dreams come to life when he falls asleep, all the beautiful  colorful manifestations come out but so do his dark fears and nightmares.
The story is pretty well written, the special effects look super computer generated  at first but they get way better though out  the film, evolving  into something intricate.
The ending ties the whole story up into a neat little package, very enjoyable  to watch.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Decent Man 2015 Je Ne Suis Pas Un Saluad

A French Film about a man who's life spirals out of control after his memory plays a trick on him, the events leading trickle down and consume him like an avalanche leading to a dramatic finale.

Eddie has all good intentions and thinks hes doing the right thing but at the end even he knows he fucked up.

I know the subtitles can be a a deal breaker for most but take a deep breath,
 take your Ritalin and concentrate!
Je Ne Suis Pas Un Saluad is worth it!


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moonlight 2016

After watching  this movie I didn't  really know how to  describe  it, I had to review it in my head a few times, here it goes:
Moonlight  is a movie about a man in the ghetto and his struggles  with his self identity  and his sexuallity.
The movie is divided  into 3 parts, each showing different  stages of his life:
chapter 1 "Little" his chilhood
chapter 2 "Chiron" his adolescence
chapter 3 "Black" his adult life.
The movie was shot beautifully you could  tell they had a nice budget, the music was perfectly placed too from the thumping  rap music  in the pimped  out car down to the instrumental background  in the beach scenes with the perfectly lit waves crashing  againts the camera.
I expected the ending  to be a bit more dramatic  but it did make sense. 
So watch moonlight, just make sure it's not with any homophohes  because it might get awkward ; )

Monday, February 27, 2017

Movie Rants - The Windmill Massacre 2016

Watched this piece a few days ago,
it was overall pretty enjoyable to watch.
Who can take a movie with such a title  seriously  right ? 
I made the assumption the  movie was gonna be about people  getting slaughtered in a windmill.

It was :)
But it was fairly entertaining,
the story didn't  drag, the acting wasn't terrible, and the special effects were pretty spot on.
It has pretty bad reviews, but to be honest I've seen worst,
 Horror is a difficult  genre to grade.
So if you're  looking for straight forward  plot and plenty of bloody gore then this movie is right  up your alley.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movie Rants - Sleep Tight (2011) The tale of a creepy bald janitor

I watched this movie not long ago, its a foreign film in Spanish, TOTALLY worth the subtitles
The original title is "Mientras Duermes" and it translates more like "as you sleep".
The story is centered around the main character who is a bald super creepy sociopath janitor/receptionist who is beyond obsessed with one of the female tenants.

This film made me want to lock my door... hell, change my locks.... trust no one!
Very well made

A creepy-licious find.

My only complain would be the cheesy "american music" but that's inevitable in foreign films apparently

Watch it!
And stop being nice to the doorman ;)

Movie Rants - The Worst Movie I Ever Saw “Siren 2010”

This is by far the WORST movie I have ever Ever seen!

It was honestly the worst selection I ever made at the Redbox. It’s  so bad that I use this movie as a reference. “It can’t be as bad as Siren haha”

For starters  all the actors had an impossible to understand  Australian  accent, I think i even had the subtitles  on, half way thu it I considered to stop watching but I didn’t  with the hope that it was building  up to something  interesting … But guess what…
It never happened!

The whole movie was a waste of time, horrible  acting, a pointless plot… even the sound was horrible! Way to make a beautiful  beach into something  dreadful to watch.
 I watched this years ago and I’m  still angry about it!
 Who funded this? why was it ever made? is it a joke?

Don’t  watch  this movie! Recommend it to someone you hate!

I want my dollar back!

Movie Rants

Hello Everyone,

 Long time so see, Its been almost 4 years since my last post so I think it's time to get back at it.

Not a lot has changed other than vintage and movies being my main interest.

Lately  I’ve  been watching  a lot of movies, lot’s of good ones but also some really  bad ones.

I will dedicate this new era of my blog to rant about my viewings.
 I hope you are amused with my finds.