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Movie Rants - Bokeh 2017

The Light Between Oceans 2016 - A Serene Love Story

Das Leben Der Anderen - The Lives of Others 2006

Elle 2016 - A Seriously Messed Up French Movie!

Bates Motel - A Must See Show on A&E

A Prophet 2009 - Un Prophete THE BEST MOVIE EVER

Before I Wake 2016 - When Dreams Come To Life

A Decent Man 2015 Je Ne Suis Pas Un Saluad

Moonlight 2016

Movie Rants - The Windmill Massacre 2016

Movie Rants - Sleep Tight (2011) The tale of a creepy bald janitor

Movie Rants - The Worst Movie I Ever Saw “Siren 2010”

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