Moonlight 2016

After watching  this movie I didn't  really know how to  describe  it, I had to review it in my head a few times, here it goes:
Moonlight  is a movie about a man in the ghetto and his struggles  with his self identity  and his sexuallity.
The movie is divided  into 3 parts, each showing different  stages of his life:
chapter 1 "Little" his chilhood
chapter 2 "Chiron" his adolescence
chapter 3 "Black" his adult life.
The movie was shot beautifully you could  tell they had a nice budget, the music was perfectly placed too from the thumping  rap music  in the pimped  out car down to the instrumental background  in the beach scenes with the perfectly lit waves crashing  againts the camera.
I expected the ending  to be a bit more dramatic  but it did make sense. 
So watch moonlight, just make sure it's not with any homophohes  because it might get awkward ; )


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