Movie Rants - The Worst Movie I Ever Saw “Siren 2010”

This is by far the WORST movie I have ever Ever seen!

It was honestly the worst selection I ever made at the Redbox. It’s  so bad that I use this movie as a reference. “It can’t be as bad as Siren haha”

For starters  all the actors had an impossible to understand  Australian  accent, I think i even had the subtitles  on, half way thu it I considered to stop watching but I didn’t  with the hope that it was building  up to something  interesting … But guess what…
It never happened!

The whole movie was a waste of time, horrible  acting, a pointless plot… even the sound was horrible! Way to make a beautiful  beach into something  dreadful to watch.
 I watched this years ago and I’m  still angry about it!
 Who funded this? why was it ever made? is it a joke?

Don’t  watch  this movie! Recommend it to someone you hate!

I want my dollar back!


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