Bates Motel - A Must See Show on A&E

I watched the pilot episode of this show by mistake thinking in was a Movie, and I was pleasantly surprised. 
Here goes a brief description  that  won't give you  any spoilers:
Norman, a kind well mannered soft spoken teenager & his Mother Norma, a beautiful fisty blond have just moved to the quiet town of white pine bay to start of a new  life.
They have purchased  a little motel with the life insurance money they received  from the passing of Normans father, they're  putting all their money hopes  and dreams into the new hotel.
Norman and Norma are the epicenter  of each others universe, their devotion  to each other  can be a little obsessive  at times, they constantly  have fits of jelousy & rage, needless to say they can get a little too close to comfort at times.
Surprisingly  they're  obsessive relationship  is not the problem  here, the real problem is that there is something  wrong  with  Norman.
Norman gets these weird black outs,and whenever  these happen lets just say things get interesting.
Great acting and imaginative  writing  make this show adiccting to watch, there's never a dull moment and it gets better season after season.


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