Thursday, March 16, 2017

Das Leben Der Anderen - The Lives of Others 2006

A Beautiful Film about human kindness that takes place in the heart of communist Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The story revolves arround a man that works directly for the government speciallizing in espionage  & interrogation.
He is given  an assignment  in which he is instructed to wire and monitor the home of a famous play writer & his girlfriend who happends to be the main star or his current play.
All is going to plan until he finds himself being  a bit too submmersed into their personal  life, down to the point where he starts to feel their personal pain & comprehends  their actions, triggered  by his own physical  & emotional solitude.
These new found emotions stand a treason to the communist party, putting his judgement and carreer in jeopardy.

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