Elle 2016 - A Seriously Messed Up French Movie!


Now this is what I call a SERIOUSLY twisted film, and in not being modest when I say it, this is hardcore stuff like there's a scene where shes getting rapped in front of her cat in her kitchen floor kinda twisted.

The Movie is centered around the life of a woman named Michèle,

 Michèle is a strong independent single woman at the peak of her her career, she co owns a successful video game production company with her best friend.

 One day as she returns home in the middle of the day  she is viciously beaten and rapped by a masked intruder. 

Michèle being the strong woman that she is, doesn't allow this traumatic event to define her.
She goes back to her daily routine even going as far as announcing the event to her friends in the middle of a casual dinner.

I wont spoil the story, but I can reassure you that it is very twisted, giving us a peek at how complex human needs & personal desires can get.


A deliciously crafted foreign delight, you won't be disappointed!


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