Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moonlight 2016

After watching  this movie I didn't  really know how to  describe  it, I had to review it in my head a few times, here it goes:
Moonlight  is a movie about a man in the ghetto and his struggles  with his self identity  and his sexuallity.
The movie is divided  into 3 parts, each showing different  stages of his life:
chapter 1 "Little" his chilhood
chapter 2 "Chiron" his adolescence
chapter 3 "Black" his adult life.
The movie was shot beautifully you could  tell they had a nice budget, the music was perfectly placed too from the thumping  rap music  in the pimped  out car down to the instrumental background  in the beach scenes with the perfectly lit waves crashing  againts the camera.
I expected the ending  to be a bit more dramatic  but it did make sense. 
So watch moonlight, just make sure it's not with any homophohes  because it might get awkward ; )

Monday, February 27, 2017

Movie Rants - The Windmill Massacre 2016

Watched this piece a few days ago,
it was overall pretty enjoyable to watch.
Who can take a movie with such a title  seriously  right ? 
I made the assumption the  movie was gonna be about people  getting slaughtered in a windmill.

It was :)
But it was fairly entertaining,
the story didn't  drag, the acting wasn't terrible, and the special effects were pretty spot on.
It has pretty bad reviews, but to be honest I've seen worst,
 Horror is a difficult  genre to grade.
So if you're  looking for straight forward  plot and plenty of bloody gore then this movie is right  up your alley.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Movie Rants - Sleep Tight (2011) The tale of a creepy bald janitor

I watched this movie not long ago, its a foreign film in Spanish, TOTALLY worth the subtitles
The original title is "Mientras Duermes" and it translates more like "as you sleep".
The story is centered around the main character who is a bald super creepy sociopath janitor/receptionist who is beyond obsessed with one of the female tenants.

This film made me want to lock my door... hell, change my locks.... trust no one!
Very well made

A creepy-licious find.

My only complain would be the cheesy "american music" but that's inevitable in foreign films apparently

Watch it!
And stop being nice to the doorman ;)

Movie Rants - The Worst Movie I Ever Saw “Siren 2010”

This is by far the WORST movie I have ever Ever seen!

It was honestly the worst selection I ever made at the Redbox. It’s  so bad that I use this movie as a reference. “It can’t be as bad as Siren haha”

For starters  all the actors had an impossible to understand  Australian  accent, I think i even had the subtitles  on, half way thu it I considered to stop watching but I didn’t  with the hope that it was building  up to something  interesting … But guess what…
It never happened!

The whole movie was a waste of time, horrible  acting, a pointless plot… even the sound was horrible! Way to make a beautiful  beach into something  dreadful to watch.
 I watched this years ago and I’m  still angry about it!
 Who funded this? why was it ever made? is it a joke?

Don’t  watch  this movie! Recommend it to someone you hate!

I want my dollar back!

Movie Rants

Hello Everyone,

 Long time so see, Its been almost 4 years since my last post so I think it's time to get back at it.

Not a lot has changed other than vintage and movies being my main interest.

Lately  I’ve  been watching  a lot of movies, lot’s of good ones but also some really  bad ones.

I will dedicate this new era of my blog to rant about my viewings.
 I hope you are amused with my finds.